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The UK Government Job Support Scheme

by The Payroll Manager on 10/26/20

We hope you are all well and remain safe.

There have been some late changes to The Job Support Scheme which will improve the chances if being able to prevent redundancies. There are in fact two schemes, one for businesses that are open but suffering reduced trade, and another for businesses that have been forced to close under stricter government restrictions.

Under the closed scheme employees will receive two thirds of their normal pay which will be funded entirely by the UK Government. Remember that to qualify a business must have been directly forced to close by government restrictions. This is likely to apply to businesses under Tier 3 lockdown.

Under the open scheme employees will need to work for a minimum of 20% of their normal hours. They will then be topped up with two thirds of the remaining unworked hours 80%. This is funded by a further 5% from the employer and 61.67% from the UK Government. As a rough example an employee normally earning GBP 1000 per month would be paid for the hours worked, in this example 20%, so GBP 200 plus 66.67% (two thirds) of the remainder GBP 533.36, giving a total of GBP 733.36. There are other examples on the link below.

We will be processing the claims for our clients in line with the normal payroll process. Please note that the claim form has been updated and should only be used from 1st November when the new scheme commences.

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